My story.

Actually, I’m totally a Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy. 

I’m also a New Yorker in London, and have been since 2012. That might sound like a while but, trust me, five years goes by really quickly.

I joined W+K from Grey London, where my creative partner Ash and I ran the Bose account. We created the brand’s first ever global campaign, launching their flagship noise cancelling headphones around the world, while also running Lacoste and Braun, and heading up several creative pitches.

The two of us moved to Grey from BETC, where we led Bacardi worldwide out of London. 

My first job in town was at BBH, which is also where I met Ash. We spent a couple of years working on almost every account in the building, making ads for Johnnie Walker, Mentos, Dulux, Pirelli, and Barclaycard, among others.

Before moving to the UK, I was at Goodby in San Francisco, where I helped launch the Chevy Cruze for Chevy and a new Dorito for Doritos.

I totally started my advertising life at Grey in New York, as part of the team that turned the agency’s creative output completely around. I wrote Grey’s very first big campaign for DirecTV, helped win the NFL account, and created the first new campaign for Crown Royal whisky in over a decade. 

I’m a pretty regular instructorspeaker, and judge for D&AD in London and, in 2016, I sat on the New Blood Black Pencil jury. I’ve also spoken about advertising and creativity at Loyola Marymount University Film School in Los Angeles, Middlesex University Business School in London, and taught at Miami Ad School in San Francisco.

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 Not Ash

Not Ash